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My name is Ethan, and I'm a computer science master's student at Arizona State University. My research, conducted in the Cooperative Robotic Systems Lab, is focused on reinforcement learning with applications to robotics, under the advisement of Dr. Yu Zhang.

About Me

My primary focus is artificial intelligence, particularly as it relates to humanoid robotics, multi-agent systems, and embodied AI.

As cliche as it is, I consider myself a lifelong learner - when I'm not struggling to keep afloat with the pace of progress in AI, I like to explore ideas in nutrition, history, and economics. This website serves as a repository for these interests, among others.

Whenever I have free time, I like to disconnect from the virtual world by playing basketball, going on hikes, reading, and tending to my humble bonsai collection. 

Lately, I've also been trying my hand at some classic war-based strategy board games like Chess, Stratego, and Go... I can't say that I'm any good yet, but hopefully, that will change soon 😁.

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